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Home Care Cottages are an affordable way to make room for a family member in an accessory dwelling on a property that already has a primary residence. A special use permit in Sonoma County can save hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to the cost of a site built second unit. A senior living in a large house they no longer need can down size on their own property and have the main house occupied by someone who can assist them, saving thousands of dollars per month compared to assited living.

These cottages are Park Model Recreational Trailers. They enjoy a special use permit in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties for housing people needing Home Care or those providing Home Care. They are personal property and may be occupied in parks and outdoor hospitality locations suh as KOA. Limited by code to 400 square feet, they offer a compact, moveable home – a good solution for smaller sites in a mobile home park. They are often used as vacation homes in recreational zones or as seasonal homes in parks. PLANS

At Home Care Cottages, we take our 40 years of architectural design expertise and apply it to the manufactured home. Our goal? A fusion of modern technology and architectural design. A beautiful house at an affordable price.

Our clients receive the best of both worlds: our factory builds high-quality, energy efficient houses at half the cost of a site-built home, while our oversight ensures superior design, customization, and finish details not offered by large manufacturers.

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